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Early snow warning for the UK

By: William Hobson
25 November 2010

Driver training for all weather conditions may come in handy once more this year as the Met Office has warned that the UK will soon enter a prolonged cold spell.

As reported by BBC News, the Met Office has predicted snowfall in the Northern and Eastern parts of the UK as early as this week - one of the earliest significant snowfalls since 1993. With some 6-8 inches expected in Scotland and 1-2 inches in north-east England, the snowfall will undoubtedly disrupt commercial driving work as well as personal travel on the country's motorways.

"We've had snow earlier than this," said BBC forecaster Matt Taylor, "but to have as much as this across a large part of the country, we have to go back to about 1993."

It will also mark the start of a prolonged cold spell across the upper Midlands and the North, expected to last well into the next week. Whilst some snow has already fallen across the Pennines and Highlands this winter - even forcing some roads to close - this cold front is expected to be more severe and affect a much wider portion of the UK's populated areas.

The Met Office has issued flash warnings of widespread icy roads and drifting snow across much of northern Scotland and the Borders region, the north-east England and Yorkshire and Humber from the middle of this week.

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