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Drivers are in demand, employment minister says

By: Deborah Bates
13 May 2011

Drivers of all kinds of industrial vehicles are in high demand at present, according to the minister of employment, Chris Grayling.

He told The Mirror how the vacancies for drivers had seen year on year growth in the past; and would continue to do so in the future.

Grayling confirmed: "This is a good time to get in the driving seat of your career, with thousands of jobs currently available."

"There are various entry-levels too, with some driving jobs jut needing basic licensing such as delivery or courier jobs, and others requiring more experience with an LGV licence for container haulers."

His comments made encourage more Brits to obtain a commercial licence and undergo CPC training, in order to break into the transport industry; particularly as Grayling revealed how "crucial" drivers are within the logistics sector.

The employment minister also added: "It is essential that both the sector and the UK economy have an adequate supply of these essential operatives."

He concluded by saying on that the transport industry had provided positive signs of Britain reviving its economy, and "coming out" of the recession.

Fellow industry expert, Steven Kirkpatrick, also voiced his opinion on the current situation for drivers; claiming that there were both temporary and permanent roles available across Britain.

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