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Driver training helps firm save fuel, cut down time and reduce maintenance costs

By: William Hobson
26 October 2010

Targeted programmes of additional driver training have helped two delivery firms achieve and surpass targets for fuel-saving as well as cut accident rates and the cost of downtime significantly.

As reported by the RAC, food service company Firm 3663 launched a new programme of additional training for the drivers of its fleet of 340 vehicles at the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, commercial operator Hermes has reported that introducing specialist logistics training for safe driving practices and fuel efficiency measures have helped it save some £1 million over a 12 month period.

Firm 3663 used telematic data to identify those drivers who needed extra training to maximise their fuel efficiency on deliveries. According to the RAC's reports, once these courses had been completed the firm easily achieved its initial fuel-saving target of 5%.

Hermes benefited even more from the programme of additional training for their 643 company and agency drivers. According to the RAC, over the 12-months following the new training regime, fuel consumption was cut by 4.5% whilst  there was an astonishing 109% improvement in the number of accident-free days per vehicle.

The average number of days per vehicle without any kind of accident leapt from just 216 days to 434, with the overall number of recorded accidents dropping from 620 to 361. Not only did the resulting reduction in vehicle downtime and replacement costs help boost the firm's productivity, Hermes says it also saw a 33.5% drop in the cost of incidents - a direct saving of £240,000.

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