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Demand has grown for training professionals

By: Deborah Bates
22 February 2011

Demand has grown for skilled training professionals, particularly those offering comprehensive logistics training.

That's according to one managing director, Lynn Hardman, who voiced her opinion in The Recruiter.

"L&D [learning and development] professionals have been increasingly in demand since the beginning of 2011. Opportunities cross both public and private sectors, but the emphasis is tending to be at the specialists and managerial level," Hardman said.

"Organisations are feeling more confident about the future and are now willing to make these longer-term investments."

This is good news for the logistics industry, wherein experts have recently claimed that the sector was lagging behind in terms of the development and education of its staff.

It also means for those skilled in developing logistics professionals, there may be more work headed their way.

"FMCG, logistics and manufacturing are all sectors that are actively hiring HR professionals," the expert added.

"Specific areas of demand include technical training experts, strategic resource and the training of technical sales teams in the wider commercial sector."

The news should come as positive to an industry whose future has faced uncertainty, Press On reported. In light of the government's spending cuts, the transport sector has shown concern over the future of smaller companies, whose budgets could be consumed by rises in fuel duty.

However if these companies were to take on board logistics professionals to train their staff, they could potentially beat the uncertainty and secure themselves with a strong, well-skilled workforce for the future.

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