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DSA refuses to split driver CPC numbers

By: William Hobson
22 October 2010

Uptake of driver CPC training will prove difficult to track effectively as the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has confirmed it will not differentiate between HGV and PSV training in its figures, reports Road Transport.

Whilst both government and industry have been working to increase the uptake of Driver CPC amongst those in logistics work, many have been frustrated by a lack of available information. This frustration appears to be set to continue, as the DSA has confirmed that it will not differentiate between CPC training for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and passenger service vehicles (PSVs).

"People have both types of license and the training is applicate to both types," said a DSA spokesman. He says that splitting the figures to reveal which areas of driving work were seeing the greatest uptake of CPC qualifications was "not feasible.''

According to Road Transport, figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that between the September 2009, when driver CPC became mandatory for HGV driving work, and August 2010 a total of 51,241 CPC training courses had been completed by some 285,755 people. However, as the DSA does not make any distinctions between HGV and PSV drivers in its records, these figures offer a poor evidence base for tracking the uptake of CPC in the freight, logistics and haulage sector.

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