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DSA announces change to large vehicle testing

By: William Hobson
12 November 2010

The way the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) tests drivers for their ability to handle large vehicles is set to change, impacting the way logistics training is carried out.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) reports that the DSA plans to alter the braking component of the large vehicle driving test from the beginning of January 2011. Currently, braking exercises take place off road in the interests of general convenience and to minimise the risk from those who have not had sufficient driver training to handle their vehicles.

This is set to change though, as the DSA has announced that the braking exercise will now take place on road, in live traffic. This will be the only alteration to the existing test.

However, Mike Penning, Road Safety Minister for the Coalition Government, said that the DSA will continue to review its procedures to "identify any other improvements" to ensuring that large vehicle drivers have received the appropriate training and are competent to drive their vehicles.

"This update to the testing process reflects advances in modern braking technology and allows us to strengthen our assessment of the candidate's ability to brake safely in real traffic conditions," said Mr Penning.

According to the DSA's announcement, candidates will be asked to perform their braking exercise immediately before the angle start - where the driver is asked to pull away from behind a parked vehicle.

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