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Crossrail delivers driver training to its lorry contractors

By: Elizabeth Smythe
07 July 2011

A road safety driver training scheme has been initiated by Crossrail, to raise awareness of cyclists and "vulnerable roads users", Construction Enquirer reports.

Crossrail, the company who is delivering the new, high frequency train network between London and the South East, have launched the scheme to ensure that their lorry drivers are especially careful when motoring close to those on two wheels.

The scheme is open to over 1,000 of the lorry and logistics operators who are involved in the construction of the new train line, many of whom have already completed the training.

Construction will involve the removal of lots of rubble from sites as the train line progresses.

In total, some 4,000 individual drivers will participate in the scheme, which is being held over the next few years.

Additionally, Crossrail is working in partnership with its contractors to help make their lorries cyclist-friendly. To help drivers overcome issues with blind spots, they will be fitting lorries with lenses and scanning equipment that can detect the presence of a bike or vehicle.

Speaking about the training scheme, Cynthia Barlow, chair of RoadPeace, told "We welcome the work of the Crossrail project in ensuring that drivers and their companies are provided with the training and information they need to operate with vulnerable road users in mind and establish a comprehensive safety culture throughout the project."





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