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Check tyres this bank holiday, urge IAM

By: Chris Taylor
27 May 2011

Tyre safety should be a top priority for motorists this bank holiday weekend, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The leading road safety charity is urging drivers to check the condition of their tyres before setting off on a long car journey this weekend. reports that an under-inflated tyre wears far more quickly than one which is inflated properly. As much as a 20 per cent reduction in pressure can shorten a tyre's life by 30 per cent.

But these figures will vary depending on loads, warned the IAM. Therefore it is even more important for hauliers carrying large loads to perform regular checks. Plus, under inflated tyres can add as much as 5 per cent extra to fuel consumption.

Their advice is aimed at everyone, including those working in driving jobs or practicing for driver training courses.

According to, IAM's driver training specialist, Simon Elstow, gave the following advice: "Check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold, at least once a month - and weekly is far better.

"And don't be tempted to over-inflate them," he said. "This causes poor vehicle handling, reduced stability in braking, cornering and reduced grip."

The IAM also suggested drivers check their wheel alignments, as these could have been knocked-out from potholed roads. Additionally, drivers should check for wear and tear on the tyre tread surface routinely.

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