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CPC training a "major challenge" for transport industry

By: Deborah Bates
27 January 2011

CPC training presents a "major challenge" for the transport industry, according to one logistics expert, Derek Broomfield.

Speaking to Materials Handling World, Broomfield gave his opinion on how the introduction of Driver CPC - which came into affect around 18 months ago - has affected the industry.

"The Driver CPC is a major challenge for the transport industry. Whether a firm operates one vehicle or 100, this new legislation will affect their business. It has been estimated that the Driver CPC will impact on 750,000 drivers in the freight industry alone, and will require around 5,000,000 training hours annually."

"Although existing drivers will not need their CPC until 2014," Broomfield adds; "it's inevitable that there will be a rush for Driver CPC training towards the end of the first period of five years. Training remains competitively priced at present, but this will not be the case by 2013/14. We anticipate demand for training rising rapidly as the 2014 deadline draws closer, with inevitable consequences in terms of supply and costs."

 Although Broomfield admitted this year was "going to be tough, really tough" for the market, he also added that it was "backbone of the economy."

"Efficient distribution of goods and services is absolutely central to the success of the UK economy. It it's not moved, it can't be sold."

Broomfield is not the only one encouraging drivers to think about their CPC training; has advised that: "If drivers leave it any longer, they may face competing for course spaces, have a limited choice available based on their schedule, or worse, not even be able to book on to their preferred courses."

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