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BBC uncovers driver training scam

By: Chris Taylor
23 November 2011

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers are being warned to select their driver training programs carefully in light of a new online scam, reports

A BBC investigation has uncovered a sting operation led by fake web training companies who promise drivers that they can deliver driver training, licenses and even jobs at the end of it.

The consumer affairs show, 'You've Been Scammed', aired on Monday and told the story of one such driver who was left out of pocket after trusting an unnamed broker. The person promised to arrange the driver's medical, HGV theory and practical tests.

What 23-year-old Steve got from the broker - who claimed to be affiliated with the Road Haulage Association (RHA) - was a mere medical test and provisional driving license, confirmed.

One expert, Steve Pargeter - who is a campaigner against driving brokers - told the programme that many people are being given the run around by firms that actually have no instructors, no vehicles, affiliation and display jobs that are "just taken from other web sites."

Pargeter recommended that drivers seeking serious qualifications such as CPC training pay a visit to a local office in their area, as opposed to parting with cash over the phone. Most professional driver hire companies have their own training facilities with full contact details so that their authenticity can be assessed by the individual.

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