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Outlook for temps is bright says REC

By: Dave Robbins
13 August 2012


Agency workers will continue to be critical to the UK economy and labour market. That’s the view of the REC following a review of the impact of the Agency Workers’ Regulations.


Overall, across all sectors, temporary billings have seen a slight but sustained contraction over recent months. However, the outlook is much more positive. August’s REC JobsOutlook, which tracks future hiring intentions, shows 81% of employers plan to increase or maintain current use of temps over the three months.

The number of employers planning to take on more agency staff in both the short and long-term has also increased.


“The reports states that one of the reasons that unemployment hasn’t risen further during the longest UK recession for fifty years is down to the flexibility provided by temporary workers,” says Chris Chidley. “That’s certainly been our experience as our clients continue to recognise the value that a good quality temp delivers in tough times.”


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