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Jobs’ report brings good news

By: Dave Robbins
10 October 2012

The September KPMG/REC ‘Report on Jobs’ brings good tidings. Job vacancies increased to a 13-month high; permanent placements showed only a fractional fall. Meanwhile, temporary billings – so often an early indicator that the economy is on the turn – rose for the second month running.
Adding some detail to the headlines, it appears the slight contraction in permanent placements was restricted to London. Elsewhere, the UK recruiters reported moderate increases.
As for temps, the rate of expansion was the fastest since July 2011. Key areas of growth were in the Midlands, South and North. Possibly suffering from a bit of an Olympic hangover, London registered a decline.
Looking at skills: temporary HGV drivers continue to be in short supply as do accountants, engineers and chefs. As for permanent jobs, nursing and medical staff top the list for those most in demand.
Commenting on the latest figures, Bernard Brown, Head of Business Services at KPMG said: “. . . the jobs market cannot be viewed in isolation as any sustainable improvement in employment remains dependant on the growth of the economy as a whole. Whilst some parts of the country may be showing signs of recovery, others are lagging behind. Until an upward trajectory is seen across the whole of the UK, the jobs’ market will remain fragile with warnings to ‘handle with care’.”

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