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Euro billings continue to grow

By: Dave Robbins
21 October 2016


Working as a temp might just be the best career option in Europe right now, according to figures recently compiled by the World Employment Confederation (WEC).

Its Agency Work Indicator shows that the average number of hours worked by temps across Europe (including the UK) grew by 2.8% in 2016. Leading the way in growth terms was Denmark (up 10%) followed by Switzerland (up 3.5%). Also amongst the front runners was Austria which recorded an upswing in hours for the third consecutive quarter.

As you’d expect, alongside increased hours came increased revenues, with all markets across the continent showing good growth. Hotspots were Poland (up 17%), Finland (up 14%) and Sweden (up 10%). Also growing nicely were Netherlands, France and Belgium, registering a combined average year-on-year increase of 7.5%.

Missing from the list, however, is Germany, generally regarded as having Europe’s strongest economy. Changes in its data reporting procedures meant that worthwhile year-on-year comparisons can’t be made until January 2017.

And what about the UK? It’s another story of success. The rise in temp billings continued upwards in August with the rate of growth accelerating to a three-month high. Regionally the North grew the fastest.


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