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Twice as many HGV vacancies available in February

By: Deborah Bates
03 March 2011

There were twice as many vacancies for HGV drivers available last February than there were in the same period of 2010, providing a positive turn of events for driver recruitment throughout Britain.

There were around 11,341 roles available for skilled HGV professionals; compared to the 5,432 available throughout February 2010.

Furthermore, the overall number of job opportunities within the entire transport sector grew by almost 60 per cent in the same period; reading 31,510, from a previous figure of 19,774.

The news provides good news for those working in or wishing to break into the transport and logistics sectors; a view shared by Dr Ross Moloney, the sector skills council for freight and logistics' head of intelligence.

Moloney expressed his opinion that the news was also good for Britain as a whole: "These increases are good news for the economy - there is positive activity and movement of goods."

He went on to add on that the skills council, Skills for Logistics (SFL) hadn't seen the surge in recruitment coming: "SFL previously expressed concern regarding the possibility of a driver shortage this year as the economy revives from recession and demand increases."

"These latest figures appear to bear that out."

Fellow industry expert, Alan Hart, also commented on the news - arguing that the transport industry had obviously bucked the trends of rising unemployment throughout the UK, also calling it positive news for the entire nation.

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