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Students given chance to learn about logistics work

By: Joe Elvin
16 March 2011

Teenagers are getting the chance to learn more about logistics companies jobs via a new online teaching programme.

Schools across the UK are being encouraged to make use of the facility called 'Made In China' in order to teach their students the processes involved in logistics work.

The exercise is based around the challenge of delivering 90,000 MP3 players from China into the UK and fulfilling the ultimate goal of winning a contract from the shipper.   

It is hoped that the programme, which features maths modules and enterprise activities, may even encourage youngsters to take up a career in the logistics industry.   

The idea came as part of a campaign called 'Delivering Your Future' developed by government-funded company Skills for Logistics.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about opportunities in the freight industry for young workers.

Skills for Logistics CEO Mick Jackson told International Freighting Weekly: "Made in China gives pupils a revealing insight into the practicalities and challenges of moving a product which most teenagers take for granted.''

"Logistics itself is a highly sophisticated, complex and exciting process, and we hope that Made in China will not only provide a fascinating exercise in itself, but might even open up the prospect of a potential career in the sector by some students."

The programme challenges students to overcome maths problems commonly tackled in the processes of ordering, packing, containerisation, shipping, navigation and distribution.


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