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Recruitment still strong in logistics industry

By: Deborah Bates
27 January 2011

Recruitment within the logistics industry remains strong, particularly for those with the right experience and qualifications, where appropriate.

That's according to logistics expert, Davies Turner, who told that companies pay extra attention to graduates and trainees, as they are enthusiastic and ready to learn.

"Summer and Autumn are the best times to recruit graduates. The 2010 candidates were particularly strong - we were surprised both by the number and the standard of the many applications. The most recent trainees have joined at an exciting time as global recovery powers the freight industry."

Turner adds that it's not only the number of office-based logistics roles that are rising, but that many firms are also increasing their driver recruitment and employment of shipping staff.

He believes that a rise in in-house training may attract candidates to apply for roles within logistics, stating that his company has "made our training more professional, with in-depth courses based both on our in-house resources and those accredited by BIFA," - the British International Freight Association.

His thoughts were echoed by recruitment director, Tim James. Speaking to Logistics Magazine, he argued: "Permanent jobs will be common as employers act to secure skilled importers and customers professionals. [They are] vital in order to keep up with demand."

"There's no doubt we're very quickly returning to a state of candidate shortage," said James, perhaps prompting interested individuals to undertake logistics or driver training in the near future; "[It] will continue in this direction as more organisations experience growth."

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