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Premier Foods and Wincanton Logistics sign five-year contract

By: David Howells
18 January 2012

Wincanton has been awarded a five year contract to handle Premier Foods' ambient food distribution, reports.

Premier, which owns brands such as Batchelor's, Bisto, Oxo and Mr Kipling, outsourced its logistics operations to Wincanton in a bid to make £20 million savings by 2013. This, along with other restructuring at the brand's head office could now see the total savings double to £40 million.

Wincanton may want to consider hiring drivers following the agreement, with the firm expected to process 80 million cases a year over the term of the contract.

The operation will be run out of Wincanton's 280,000 square foot warehouse in Corby, with the potential to use nearby sites as overflow when the workload increases. An average of 35,000 pallets will be stored at the site during operations.

Speaking to of the deal, customer services and logistics director at Premier Chris Chaplin explained how outsourcing ambient warehousing to Wincanton will enable the brand to be closer to their customer base whilst helping minimise the impact of driving operations on the environment.

"We are looking forward to working in partnership with Wincanton, who we see as being able to offer a flexible and agile approach in conjunction with operational efficiencies," he suggested.

"We can 'top up' any storage we may need at any time, without having to go to another third party, and the fact that Wincanton has other warehouse operations in the area means we have a first class solution to meet our needs."

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