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Palletline opens new hub in Scotland

By: David Howells
08 February 2012

Cumbernauld in Scotland is set to get its own distribution centre, as Palletline moves into the area to help its Scottish and Irish delivery service, reports.

Palletline has recently increased operations in Scotland, forging deals with RT McEwan in Arbroath and ARR Craib Transport in Aberdeen. Of these, many have also ended up doubling their output over the past 12 months.

To help manage the increased traffic, as well as make deliveries quicker and easier to Scottish and Irish destinations, Palletline has opened a new hub, choosing Cumbernauld as its destination.

The new hub will become Palletline's fourth in the UK, following from its sites in Birmingham, London and Manchester. The move could see the firm looking north of the border when it comes to hiring drivers to manage the Scottish operations.

It is set not only to help keep travelling costs down but also help with keep environmental costs down, as well as make next-day deliveries in Scotland and Ireland a reality.

Speaking to, the firm's managing director Kevin Buchanan explained: "Recent growth in demand has seen volumes reach a critical mass where it simply makes sense to consolidate freight in Scotland rather than transport across additional miles to our other hubs.

"The move is expected to be particularly valuable for Member Companies serving the more distant Highlands and Islands locations, improving competitiveness, as well as enhancing the Palletline service for all Scottish customers."

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