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Online training could prove vital for recruiting

By: Ashley Curtis
30 December 2011

E-learning programs could be a "significant factor" towards success in the recruitment process, reports

Small-to-medium sized businesses in the recruitment process, whether they're hiring drivers or any other occupation, could utilise "high-performance software systems" in a bid to get ahead of the curve.

That's according to Neil Richards, the European mainframe director at Compuware, who believes that technology is the answer when it comes to filling gaps in a business and increasing the productivity of current workers.

In order to improve business efficiency, Richards believes that businesses need to be asking, "For those people staying in my business, how can I make them more productive? How can I increase the productivity of my existing mainframe today?"

This will then allow the business to select the most suitable software for their needs.

In addition, social media, cloud computing and mobile technologies have been cited as essential tools during both the recruitment process and the key behind the uptake of advanced learning technologies.

Cited by Hostway, Tom Kuhlmann, editor of the Rapid E-learning Blog, believes that 2012 would be "the year that more and more businesses embrace the benefits of advanced software and technologies".

"Online tools will become easier to use and will provide many more options for companies surrounding how they operate on a daily basis", believes Kuhlmann.

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