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Office Depot extends Widdowson contract

By: David Howells
20 February 2012

Office Depot has chosen to extend its contract with logistics provider Widdowson in order to create more overnight operations, The Delivery Magazine reports.

Widdowson was originally chosen by Office Depot to handle two overnight trunking operations. This workload quickly doubled when Office Depot added a further two overnight operations to its contract.

The contract will see Widdowson tasked with transporting office supplies overnight across two routes. One will see the firm operate between bases in Leicester and Ashton-under-Lyne. The second will focus on the route between Leicester and Andover.

With its workload effectively doubled, Widdowson could consider hiring drivers in the coming weeks to help manage the extra operations.

Under the new contract, Widdowson will also accept containers from the Far East for Office Depot. It will break the operation down into palatable loads for dispatch to Office Depot centres in Ashton-under-Lyne, Leicester and Ireland.

Speaking to about the deal, the fleet and transport contracts manager for Office Depot UK, Freddie Watts, explained: "Widdowson has received the extra trunking business with us because they are competitive and they've already demonstrated their ability to deliver the service we want which enables us to meet our customers' needs."

Office Depot has also commended Widdowson on allowing the firm to make cost savings, as well as being locally-based and having great customer service.

"Widdowson haven't let us down once," Office Depot's stock planner, Natasha Todd, added.

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