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More women driven to logistics jobs

By: David Howells
28 February 2011

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has reported that more women are entering the trade than ever before.

A number of schemes have been set up to encourage more women into jobs in transport and logistics and now it seems they are coming to fruition, the news coming at a time when logistics recruitment is set to grow faster than most other industries.

Schemes include the 'Women in Logistics' and 'Women Moving Forward' programmes. The aim of such schemes is to give help to those working within the logistics industry and provide networking facilities for members. They offer support, advice and some even offer industry-recognised qualifications upon completion of courses.

There is now also an award ceremony to recognise the role of women in the industry, the last of which was held in London's Mariott hotel and hosted by TV presenter Penny Mallory.

CILT's Hal Morris told Supply Chain Review about the reason for wanting to put such schemes into practice, saying: "The whole point of this course starting was because I was very concerned about the gender balance in our industry."

The schemes have since gone on to encourage school children and university students into logistics jobs, with a huge return expected to be seen in the coming months and years.

Speaking to Supply Chain Review, CILT's Howard Croxon said of the programmes: "There is no doubt that people are seeing that women can perform these tasks and do them very successfully."

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