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More than 40,000 active transport and logistics jobs

By: Chris Taylor
17 November 2011

At present there are a staggering 43,171 vacancies in driving work and logistics work, The Mirror newspaper has claimed.

According to the tabloid's 'Get Britain Working' campaign - which attempts to show the true number of national vacancies - there are 28,632 heavy goods jobs, 6,075 van driving jobs and over 1,000 positions for coach drivers available today.

However, experts speaking to have said that unless more take up driver training, there's a real possibility that the industry could actually suffer from staff shortages.

Commenting on the sheet number of opportunities out there, Jobcentre Plus adviser Lauren Kilbey described transport as a "key area" for business.

"It's all about getting goods and passengers from one point to another," she says. "There are currently thousands of jobs at various entry levels too."

However, Kilbey acknowledged that there are some driving jobs that require basic licensing, such as delivery or courier jobs.

In other jobs, such as large and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) driving, applicants require much more experience. What's more, they can only operate these vehicles with a driver CPC qualification. 

To obtain this certificate, says that drivers must pass several practical tests and case study assessments.

For those who do pass, The Mirror says that wages between £15,000 and £30,000 are common. Furthermore, specialist drivers of vehicles like chemical tankers can earn up to £35,000.

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