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Logistics institute calls for more apprentices to be taken on

By: David Howells
21 February 2011

The Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) has called for more apprenticeships within the industry to help with rising unemployment figures.

Figures announced two weeks ago suggested that the number of unemployed people in the UK had risen to over 2.5 million. This prompted many to call upon the government to extend their national insurance holiday scheme to all small businesses, not just new ones, in order to entice them to take on apprentices. This has been echoed by CILT, whose members almost unanimously supported the taking on of logistics training apprentices.

In a study by the institute, despite only 14 per cent of the subjects having been apprentices themselves, an overwhelming 98.5 per cent of the 199 people interviewed issued their support for apprenticeships, a lowly 1.5 per cent believing that the idea has had its day.

CILT published a selection of responses from the study, with comments including, "they give a platform where young people can start gaining skills and experience", "apprenticeships are vital for the continuance of established trades" and "there should be incentives to encourage all employers to adopt them."

Writing on, Chief Executive Steve Agg said, "I myself started my career as an apprentice, as did our president, Sir Moir Lockhead. I believe apprenticeships are an invaluable route into our profession, giving a grounding in development and training which cannot be underestimated. They should be encouraged and valued even more - by businesses and by government and its agencies.

"Our poll gives a good indication of the groundswell of support among businesses for the benefits of apprenticeships."

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