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Co-Operative to extend delivery operations

By: David Howells
30 March 2012

The Co-Operative could be looking at hiring drivers after it announced it was to ramp up its delivery frequencies, reports.

In its annual results, the Co-Operative announced it is not only to increase delivery frequency across the whole organisation, but will introduce new depot delivery schedules too.

The announcement comes after last year's investment of around £110 million in overhauling the entire supply network. The investment went towards two new distribution centres in Andover and Newhouse, with a further two set for opening in Avonmouth and Castlewood.

The plans also see an extension of the Co-Operative's InStock system which automates ordering to improve stock availability.

These investments come after the Co-Operative reported annual sales were up by one per cent, reaching £13.3 billion. Operating profit also rose, increasing by 0.5 per cent to £585 million.

Speaking to of their results, Co-Operative chief executive Peter Marks explained: "Over the past year we have  invested in the services, systems and infrastructure we need to deliver real value to our customers while setting out to realise the true potential of our vast, diverse customer and our strong family business.

"The Co-Op Group is in better shape than ever before because of all the work done over the past five years. Our ownership model means that we can take a long-term view and we are as driven, determined and ambitious as ever to modernise our business."

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