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Around 25,000 driving job vacancies in Britain

By: Joe Elvin
06 May 2011

There are almost 25,000 vacancies for driving jobs in the UK, according to The Daily Mirror.

As part of the newspaper's 'Get Britain Working' campaign newspaper staff located 24,549 vacancies within the transport industry.

The vacancies waiting to be snapped range from HGV driving jobs to operators of cranes and fork-lift trucks.

Commenting on the boom in recruitment, Skills For Logistics spokesman Dr. Mick Jackson predicted that even more vacancies could be around the corner.

He said: "Demand for HGV drivers rose slightly in February, which is unusual as there is normally a decline in the early part of the year after December increases. This is hopefully a continued sign of the economy coming out of recession.

"Drivers are skilled workers who are crucial to the freight logistics industry and it is essential that both the sector and the UK economy have an adequate supply of these essential operatives."

Employment minister Chris Grayling recently praised businesses in the sector for the amount of entry-level jobs and CPC training being offered to youngsters.

According to, a new Co-op food distribution site in Ashfield is just one site where around 900 new jobs are going to be created.

The new £22 million facility could be up and running as early as next year.

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