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All set for the January job switch?

By: Dave Robbins
08 January 2013

Fancy a change? Looking for a new job? Then you’re not the only one. According to recruitment website, Job Bounties, four out of ten workers – that’s nearly 12m people in the UK – will be looking for a new job in January. Apparently this great swathe of dissatisfaction reaches its peak this week.
Of course, it’s all very well wanting a new job. The thing is, in the current economic climate of uncertainty, are there jobs out there to enable all the unhappy workers to find something new in 2013?
Definitely maybe is the view from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors (CIPD). “On balance, there are likely to be further increases in employment,” says Mark Beatson, Chief Economist at CIPD. “Rising employment alongside muted growth indicates that employers have significant reserves of skilled labour capacity on which to call to support growth. That cannot be sustained forever, so knocks to business confidence could force reductions in capacity that employers have seemed keen to avoid to date. Equally, the spare capacity in the economy could mean a return to growth but accompanied by slower employment growth than we saw in 2012 as employers draw on the labour reserves they have built up.”
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