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Vive le vignette!

By: Dave Robbins
01 March 2017

A new windscreen sticker – or vignette if you prefer – has been introduced in France which grades the levels of pollution emitted by your vehicle.
At the moment three French cities are in the Crit’Air scheme: Paris, Grenoble and Lyon. Its ultimate aim is to improve air quality. Failure to display the sticker will result in a fine of somewhere between £58 and £117.

The Crit’Air scheme applies to all vehicles – including HGVs. Crit’Air gradings, based on EU emission standards, start at 1 for the cleanest (hydro and electric vehicles) and go through to 6 for the most polluting.

The stickers can be bought online and cost just £3.20. However, Simon Williams of the RAC has a word of warning: “We’re aware that there are some third party websites selling stickers for substantially more than the French Government. Our advice is to proceed with care and ensure you’re on the official government site before buying, particularly if you have a large fleet of vehicles that frequently travel to France.”

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