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Vans hit peak

By: Dave Robbins
06 May 2016

The onward march of online sales coupled with increasing business confidence has resulted in all time record number of vans on UK roads. According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) there are now over 4m vans hard at work in the UK – a 4.3% increase on 2015.
Whilst some may wonder whether more vans is something to celebrate, more new vans coming on stream to replace older ones, is good news for the environment. From September this year all new vans must meet Euro6 emissions regulations. That means they must be equipped with advanced filters which capture 99% of soot particles and exhaust after technologies which cut nitrogen oxides.
Commenting on the figures, Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “Commercial vehicles have never been more important to the British economy, transporting vital goods and services using the latest low emission technology. The recent CV Show demonstrated the huge progress that the whole industry continues to make, with a wealth of new products on display from manufacturers, suppliers, aftermarket companies and service providers.”
A few van facts:

• Annually vans cover around 45bn miles on UK roads
• Parked end to end, the UK’s van population would be 28 times longer than the A1
• This might be a surprise – 57% of UK vans are white
• Nine out of ten of the 2,381 vans weighed by the DVSA in 2015 were found to be overloaded

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