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VOSA’s new annual inspection manual

By: Dave Robbins
21 November 2012

VOSA has just announced the publication of its updated HGV Inspection Manual. Its release has coincided with the news that one in five trucks fails its annual inspection test.
The cost of an initial test is £106 and a re-test is £70, so making sure you get it right first time has got to be well worthwhile. Particularly as the new manual covers a number of changes that you and your workshop team need to be aware of.
For instance, were you aware that reflective markings on vehicles introduced as part of European type approval measures in 2011, are now included in the test? If vehicles that come within scope (those over 7.5 tonnes first used on or after 10/7/11 and trailers with a gross weight exceeding 3,500 kilogrammes manufactured on or after 10/7/11) have defective or missing markings, they will fail.
And that’s just one example. Other areas where requirements have changed include: suspension, steering and transmission, brake system components and additional braking devices, side guards, rear under-run devices, bumper bars, mirrors and other indirect vision devices, speedometers, tachographs, spray suppression wings, wheel arches and service brake controls.
To make life as easy as possible, VOSA has listed the changes section-by-section at the front of the new manual. Even better, the manual is available free of charge - click here to download a copy.
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