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VOSA takes on a load more

By: Dave Robbins
18 July 2012

VOSA is tightening up on load security with an increased emphasis at roadside checks. Working with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) it has developed a training programme which is being rolled out to VOSA examiners during the summer.


If a potentially dangerous load has not been strapped in or restrained, enforcement will ensue. However, in the case of a less hazardous load, if it’s clear that an attempt has been made to secure it, VOSA officers will offer advice and guidance.


VOSA has reassured operators that the rules will be applied in a “fair and consistent way”. It’s also made it clear that the rules on load security haven’t changed. “We’ll only take enforcement action where there is clear danger,” a spokesman said. “Examiners will have sufficient training and tools to help them apply the rules consistently. But the industry must remember this is still a subjective area.”


Officers will decide whether or not a load is secure


To help operators and their staff brush up on their load security knowledge and skills, Driver Hire has produced a free ‘Load Security’ poster. To obtain a copy, simply email with your name, business address and contact details.



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