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Trucks breaking speed limits

By: Dave Robbins
20 July 2012

Figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) show that in 2011, the 40 mph speed limit applicable on single carriageway roads was exceeded by 71% of artics. The stats also show that 19% of them exceeded it by a sizeable margin – 10 mph or more.


It was a similar story on dual carriageways where 83% of artics exceeded the 50 mph speed limit. The figures come ahead of a public consultation on the 40 mph truck speed limit expected this year.

Some of the figures are being questioned by the Road Haulage Association. For instance, the average free flow speed of rigid HGVs is stated as 60 mph on motorways and 59 mph on dual carriageways. As these vehicles are fitted with speed limiters to prevent them from reaching 60mph, it does put something of a question mark over the figures.


Elsewhere articulated HGVs had an average free flow speed of 54 mph on motorways and 53 mph on dual carriageways. Light goods vehicles had the highest motorway free flow average speed of any category, at 70 mph.


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