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Tread carefully this October

By: Dave Robbins
02 October 2013

October is National Tyre Month. Organised by TyreSafe, it’s dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of defective tyres. TyreSafe – a not-for-profit organisation – is supported by top names in the tyre industry.

Whether you’re behind the wheel of your family car or a goods vehicle, driving on correctly inflated tyres is essential. For a start it could save your life. The 2012 casualty statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 194 drivers were killed or seriously injured in accidents caused by defective, illegal or under-inflated tyres. As well as the safety angle, there are plenty of other good reasons why driving on correctly inflated tyres is essential; it will help them last longer and may even reduce fuel bills.

That’s why throughout the month garages will be offering free tyre checks and throughout the year, motorists encouraged to check their tyre pressures at least once a month.

As for professional drivers, checking tyres and wheels is all part of the ‘daily walk round check’ to be undertaken before the start of a shift. A legal obligation, goods vehicle drivers must look at tyre walls and tread for signs of scrubbing, exposed cord and any bulges. They should also look to see whether tyres appear to be under-inflated (especially the inner tyre on twin wheel sets).

Simon Sheldon Wilson, Highways Agency’s Director of Traffic Management added, “England’s motorways and major A-roads are among the safest in the world. But it’s important that everyone plays their part in this by making sure their vehicle is road worthy. Taking a few minutes to check your tyre pressures once a month – or before long journeys – helps to keep you, your passengers, other drivers and road worker s safe.”

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