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Training Delivers Fuel Savings

By: Dave Robbins
14 July 2014

Want to reduce your fuel bill? Then the key to success is training your drivers to drive more fuel efficiently. That’s what a survey conducted by global energy supplier, Shell, has revealed. It included the views of 200 UK-based fleet managers, 67% of whom singled out improving drivers’ fuel efficiency skills as the best way to reduce fuel consumption. What’s more, 54% of respondents thought that tackling the issue could, on its own, cut fuel bills by 5% or more.

It looks like a no-brainer. So why aren’t transport operators doing more about it? Ok, helped by a stronger pound, the cost of fuel has retreated from the dizzy heights of a few
years ago. But it still represents a third of the annual overall cost of running a 44-tonne artic, making a 5% reduction well worthwhile.
What the survey also showed are the two main reasons why more operators aren’t jumping on the fuel efficiency bandwagon. It would seem that there are two major stumbling blocks – time and money. Out of those interviewed nearly half (46%) of fleet managers feel powerless to capitalise on the opportunity because pressure of business meant that they couldn’t spare the drivers or they had no budget for this kind of training.
There is a very effective solution to this dilemma – e-learning – and it comes from Driver Hire. E-learning has a number of highly practical advantages. For a start, it means drivers don’t have to take time out of work to attend traditional classroom-based training. They can fit it in around their normal working hours and can undertake the training at a pace to suit them. And of course it’s very cost efficient.

That’s been the experience of Mark Heywood, Transport Manager at Bradford and Newcastle-based food supplier, Delifresh.  “Our business has seen prolonged growth over the last few years,” says Mark. “We strongly believe that training is a key element in both running a successful company and also in driving our business forward. As a result, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to train our staff. We have used e-learning in the past but hadn’t found any online training specifically designed to promote fuel efficient driving, until driving recruitment agency, Driver Hire, contacted us.
“The results we have seen to date have been extremely positive. We have over 35 drivers and they’ve all found the programme easy to use. An added bonus is that they have told me that they are seeing savings in their own vehicles outside of work, which has helped reinforce the message that the techniques covered within the training really do work.”
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