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By: Dave Robbins
19 October 2015

Van drivers are spending around 13% of their working day stuck in traffic jams. That’s one of the conclusions in this year’s Lex Autolease Report on Motoring. Add in company car drivers and Lex reckons that congestion delays equate to £4.5bn per year in lost working hours.


Somewhat unsurprisingly, the most congested places in the UK are London, Edinburgh and Manchester. In fact London is the most congested city in Europe. Just to prove that gridlocked traffic isn’t just a feature of big cities, also sneaking into the top ten is a 5-mile stretch of the A51 around quaint old Chester.


Mind you, if you this is bad, try a quick delivery in downtown Brussels. The country which, famously, is famous for not very much, is in fact Europe’s most congested country. Your average Belgian spends an average of 51 hours a year stuck in traffic jams. Based on an eight hour working day, that’s over a week!


Once freed from the queuing traffic, where appropriate and legal, you may be tempted to try to catch up the lost time. However, a word of warning. There are certain roads where this is an absolute ‘no no’. The Road Safety Foundation has recently issued its list of what statistically are the UK’s riskiest roads. Topping the list is the A21 in East Sussex. But also take extra care on Lincolnshire’s A18 Laceby to Ludborough, Hampshire’s A36/A3090 at Litton and Lancashire’s A588-A585 around Blackpool.

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