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That’s the limit – and we’re sticking to it

By: Dave Robbins
19 August 2014

Whilst the Scottish devolution vote isn’t due to take place until 18th September, regardless of the result, Transport Scotland, the body responsible for overseeing transport operations north of the border is already going it alone. They’ve decided not to replicate the UK Government decision to increase the speed limit for HGVs on single-carriageway roads from 40mph to 50mph.
The change in England & Wales will be coming into force early next year. However, once in Scotland, goods vehicle drivers will have to moderate their speed, where the limit is staying firmly at 40. Commenting on the decision, a spokesperson for ‘Transport Scotland’ said “. . . we believe there is not sufficient evidence in this area to justify a blanket change in the speed limit.”
However, when it comes to Scottish car drivers it would seem that a 60mph limit on A roads is not enough. According to information released by the Institute for Advance Motorists, during 2013 a car was recorded on the A90 in a 60mph zone travelling at an alarming 127mph. But that was topped on the A96 in Aberdeenshire where a motorist flouted the 60mph limit by over 70mph – recording a record speed of 139mph!

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