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Survey reveals public concern on road transport safety

By: Dave Robbins
09 November 2012

With Road Safety Week just around the corner it’s interesting to note that the safety of the road transport industry is still a significant concern to the general public. That’s what a recent survey on behalf of the Commercial Vehicle Forum 2012 has revealed.
When asked specifically what dangers commercial vehicles posed, the majority of respondents (29%) were deeply concerned with the perceived poor driving ability of foreign truck drivers.
Other concerns were excessive speed (17%) and poor driving or lack of awareness from truck drivers in general (16%). The same question posed to transport industry professionals again confirmed fears of driving standards among foreign drivers (40%) while a lack of awareness from other road users was the greatest danger for 33% of respondents.
The survey also asked which other road user groups caused trepidation, with consumers expressing concern about motorbikes and cyclists (19% and 11% respectively) and those within the transport sector troubled by cyclists (30%) and pedestrians (24%).
Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said, “Safety is of paramount importance to the UK commercial vehicle industry and we will look to engage business, trade associations and government in the drive to introduce higher standards among both foreign and UK truck drivers.”
Geoff Dunning, RHA Chief Executive added, “As the only UK trade body dedicated solely to the road haulage sector, safety is a key issue for our members. UK hauliers are already subject to strict safety standards – it is our aim that the rest of the EU should follow our example.”


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