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Slow going on many UK motorways

By: Dave Robbins
08 May 2017

The M25’s reputation as the UK’s largest car park has been enhanced by a recent survey conducted by vehicle tracking and telematics company, Satrak.

Using data collected in 2016, covering over half a million vehicles, Satrak discovered that when it comes to speed – or lack of it – the M25 is miles slower than any of its peers. It has an average speed of just 25mph. Not great for a road that, for much of its route, will operate the national maximum speed limit of 70mph.

Next in the slowness stakes is the M4 with a speedier, 30mph. Not too far behind, in third and fourth place respectively, are a couple of West Yorkshire motorways – the M606 and M621. The former links the M62 to Bradford city centre and the M621 links Leeds to the M62 and M1. The survey shows them both with average speeds in the low 40s.  
Talking of cities, Satrak have also produced a list of the UK’s slowest when it comes to traffic speeds. Whilst the smart money was probably on our clogged capital, London, the chart topper here proved to be Cambridge with a positively pedestrian 13.63mph. No wonder bikes are so popular!

Mind you, as Satrak MD Dan Walton points out: “It’s nice to see that drivers are taking care in our cities. These places are often busy and, above all, not the environment for speedy driving.”

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