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Safety First

By: Dave Robbins
20 May 2015

Thumbs up UK drivers. In a recent poll by market researchers, IPSOS Global Trends, British drivers are in the top three when it comes to responsible driving. They came in a creditable third behind Sweden and Germany.
However, according to a survey conducted by fleet and workforce telematics company, Masternaut, it would appear that the Brits apparent brilliance behind the wheel is perhaps leading to over-confidence from some sections of the UK driving community. Results showed that one in six business drivers consider themselves invincible when behind the wheel and never consider their safety to be at risk.
Looking a little deeper into the results, it might surprise you to know that white van man is the least confident. Truck drivers are also in the cautious sector; 21% of them said that they feel vulnerable all the time whilst driving. The most confident? Bus and coach drivers.
Going back to the IPSOS Global Trends survey. Over half of the drivers polled thought that the biggest cause of death on the roads is due to lack of attention – in particular mobile phone use.
“We’re long-standing supporters of National Road Safety Week,” says Richard Owen-Hughes, Driver Hire’s Group Marketing Director. “What comes out of these surveys is that, thanks to the professionalism and awareness of the vast majority of UK drivers, we have some of the safest roads in Europe. At the same time, we’ve no room for complacency. So we’ll continue to promote the importance of safe and fuel efficient driving – whether it’s for work or leisure.
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