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Ready for winter?

By: Dave Robbins
11 November 2013

The Highways Agency’s ‘Make time for Winter’ campaign is encouraging all drivers to undertake a ‘daily walk round check’ before making their journey this winter. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that both drivers and their vehicles are fully prepared for whatever this coming winter throws at them. Hopefully this will avoid roads becoming clogged with stranded cars if the weather turns nasty.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that drivers are prepared to ‘risk it’ when they set off on a winter journey. Research conducted by the Highways Agency shows that 45% of drivers don’t make any vehicle safety checks, 28% don’t have any form of emergency equipment and 53% don’t even carry a de-icer.

“The Highways Agency does all it can to keep roads open during severe weather,” says Roads Minister, Robert Goodwill. “But drivers need to play their part by making simple vehicle checks, carrying a few important items and planning their journey according to the weather.”

The Agency has suggested the following action:

  • Check fuel, fluids, electrics and tyres.
  • Take an emergency kit containing: an ice scraper/de-icer, warm clothes, first aid kit, torch, boots, jump leads, spade, road atlas and sun glasses.
  • Plan your journey by checking weather and road conditions before setting off.

For more advice on being ready for severe weather, visit the ‘Make time for Winter’ pages at:

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