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Pothole advice handed to local authorities

By: Richard Towey
12 April 2012

Authorities from counties across the UK have been given advice on how to control problems with potholes, according to

Released earlier this month, a report by the Asphalt Industry Alliance claimed that poorly-maintained roads were costing the government £1 billion, through workers having to fill in potholes created by vehicles. In response, the Department for Transport (DfT) has issued local councils with a set of pointers on how to prevent the issue with road dents getting out of hand.   

As part of the UK government's £6 million Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme, the document has outlined the coalition's belief that working on prevention, in the meantime, is better than focusing all efforts on trying to find a cure.

Along with local councils, signs of action being taken to combat the problem could be received well by those with driving work - of whom many probably travel along poorly-maintained routes on a daily basis.

In the wake of the report being released, local transport minister Norman Baker encouraged road maintainers to take on board the points made by the government.

Cited by, Mr Baker said: "I would urge all those involved with highways maintenance, including councillors, chief executives, local highway practitioners, those in the utility sector and contractors to adopt the approaches set out in this report."

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