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Police blow the whistle on tailgating truckers

By: Dave Robbins
24 August 2012

LGV drivers ignoring reduced speed limits through a section of roadworks on the M62 in West Yorkshire are making themselves unpopular with the police, the RHA and the general public.


The roadworks, between Junctions 25 and 30, have a 50mph maximum speed limit. However, according to reports, many LGVs aren’t observing it and are tailgating vehicles in front of them. Harassed drivers have complained to the Highways Agency who have asked the West Yorkshire police to provide assistance. Before considering stronger action, the police are asking LGV drivers to comply with the speed limit whilst maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front.


In a written statement the RHA said: “There is no place in the haulage industry for such driving. This irresponsible behaviour shown by a small minority of truck drivers risks death and serious injury and causes significant and completely unnecessary stress to car drivers. It undermines respect for the haulage community and its value to the economy among the general public, police and law-makers. For these reasons, we are more than happy to condemn this aggressive driving – whether it takes place on the M62 or elsewhere.”


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