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No accounting for speed

By: Dave Robbins
01 March 2016

Which occupations/professions produce the safest and most skillful drivers?
There is, perhaps, a natural assumption that those who spend their working day in apparently safe and steady jobs, will have a similar approach  when they’re on their daily driving commute.
The results from a recent survey by car finance specialists, Zuto, in which they talked to around 2,000 people working in a wide variety of occupations and professions, about their driving habits, has come up with some interesting results.
The most surprising were accountants. According to the survey, accountants are the boy racers of the business world. Over half (54%) of survey respondents admitted to having received a speeding fine; 10% of them are repeat offenders, with an average of five fines each.
The caring professions aren’t much better.  Doctors are, it seems, the most unwilling to stop at a zebra crossing; nurses equally so at red lights.
Perhaps, not too surprisingly, one of the occupations providing a shining example of good driving, are police officers, who took second place. And the very best? Well, it’s the much maligned estate agent. Apparently 80% have never received a speeding fine and 92% never run a red light. 

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