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New ‘smart’ tachograph is being proposed

By: Dave Robbins
15 May 2012

According to a report on the ‘’ website, whilst substantial savings have been made, complying with the rules and regulations relating to digital tachographs is costing road transport contractors across Europe (including the UK), 2.7bn Euros.


In effort to reduce these costs a new ‘smart’ tachograph is being proposed, details of which are in a Government White Paper entitled ‘Change is on the Cards’. The White Paper includes all the significant points operators need to know as well as the views of the Department for Transport and other key industry figures. It also explains the proposals, the issues and any national or European amendments that have been made so far. If the proposals are agreed by the European Commission, they will come into force in 2017/18


It’s estimated that there are around 6m tachographs fitted to trucks and buses across Europe. The report also reckons that 45,000 trucks are in breach of tachograph rules at any one time.

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