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Motorists doubt speed camera’s role in road safety

By: Dave Robbins
20 November 2013

A new survey into speed cameras conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) makes interesting reading – particularly as it arrived in the middle of Road Safety Week (November 18th-24th).

It shows that whilst the majority of motorist s (80%) accept the use of speed cameras, the number who think that speed cameras have a part to play in reducing injuries resulting from road traffic collisions is reducing – down 6% to 79% from 2012. There is also suspicion amongst motorists that the positioning of cameras has more to do with cash than crash. Almost half of survey respondents said they thought that the main purpose of speed cameras was as a money spinner rather than accident reduction.

At a regional level, those most in favour of speed cameras were the Welsh; the Scottish registered the most votes against. Interestingly, whilst the Scots were the most anti-speed camera, Scottish households are the least likely to have someone living there with penalty points against them for speeding.

Commenting on the findings, IAM Chief Executive Simon Best said: “Speed cameras are a successful road safety solution at key crash sites. It’s important that the government and safety camera partnership work to maintain a positive view so that the suspicion amongst motorists does not become a trend.”


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