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Medal winner Wiggins wants improved safety for cyclists

By: Dave Robbins
02 August 2012


Record breaking Olympian, Bradley Wiggins, has pedalled into the cycling safety debate. Having got his breath back following his winning ride in the Olympic cycling men’s time trial, the 2012 Gold Medal winner is calling for greater awareness and respect for cyclists on the road. At the same time he’s also suggesting that cyclists themselves must be respectful of other road users and maximise their own safety by, for instance, always wearing a helmet.


This comes at the same time that the RHA is warning that the addition of sensors to trucks runs the risk of overloading drivers. Heightened awareness of cycling safety has been prompted by a 15% increase in the number of cyclists killed on UK roads; 20% of which involve LGVs.


Speaking to the Transport Select Committee, the RHA’s Peter Cullum said: “The argument often used is that trucks are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents and fatalities. But, as far as I know, it’s not the majority which are vans and cars. So if trucks are to be fitted with sensors then, arguably they should be fitted to cars and vans too.”


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