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By: Dave Robbins
28 August 2015

What with Working Time Regulations, drivers’ hours and tacho laws, road transport is one of the most heavily regulated industry sectors. But not when it comes to one of a driver’s most basic needs – decent shower and toilet facilities.

In fact the lack of them is increasingly being cited as another reason for the difficulties in encouraging younger drivers into the industry.

Commenting on what is becoming an increasingly hot topic, Richard Burnett, RHA Chief Executive said: “Professional drivers quite rightly object to filthy and ill-maintained washing and other hygiene facilities. The standard at many ‘official’ areas is so inadequate that parking in a lay-by is often a preferable option. This is unsafe for drivers, their vehicles and their loads.”

Some family-run businesses are leading the way in providing the services that professional drivers really need – such as hot showers, a clean and welcoming environment, good value and good, healthy food.

It’s also possible to stand out from the crowd by providing imaginative extras that make a real difference to drivers’ well-being. The Chippenham Pit Stop, for example, near Junction 17 of the M4 has just installed an outdoor exercise area. The UK economy depends on its professional drivers and they deserve the best, so developments such as this are very welcome.


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