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Labelling for tyres to come into force

By: Dave Robbins
04 May 2012

From 1st November 2012, all new truck and car tyres sold in the UK and Europe will be labelled with standardised grading information on rolling resistance, wet grip and noise. This will enable operators to make a better informed decision on which type of tyre to buy and make it easier to compare different brands.


So for instance, in terms of rolling resistance a Class C grade tyre could use up to 10% more fuel than a Class A grade tyre. It will also demonstrate the importance of buying the right tyre for the correct application and which tyre will deliver the lower overall whole life cost and highest safety rating.


“The latter could well show that budget tyres aren’t always the bargain they appear to be,” says Tracey Hyam, Marketing Manager Commercial for leading tyre manufacturer, Continental “Going for the cheaper option could mean that users are compromising on performance, safety and – in the long-run – operating costs. Let’s consider a truck fitted with Class A tyres that does 42mpg average at 160,000 KM per annum. If this same vehicle was fitted with Class C tyres, the increase in fuel costs could be as much as £1,500. This will clearly demonstrate to potential buyers that inexpensive budget brand tyres aren’t always the best solution to drive down costs.”

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