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Jam in Sandwich

By: Dave Robbins
02 June 2016

No entryTruckers using cheap sat navs, designed for use in cars, are causing problems in towns and villages across the UK according to MPs who recently debated the matter in Parliament.
Their concerns focus on articulated trucks which are being directed onto unsuitable roads, causing damage to buildings and, in some instances, traffic gridlock when the vehicle can’t negotiate tight bends and corners.
Craig McKinley, Conservative MP for South Thanet led the debate, commenting that the problem is getting worse. “There are far too regular occurrences of traffic coming to a standstill because inappropriate vehicles, that have no reason to there, become stuck -- sometimes for hours. The driver’s excuse is that the sat nav directed them there.”
The FTA (Freight Transport Association) has been at the forefront of a campaign to encourage its members to buy HGV compliant devices. Whilst MPs didn’t want to make them compulsory, they felt that they should at least be suitable for the vehicle. It was suggested that sat nav manufacturers introduced a benchmark mandatory lorry option across devices.

Speaking for the Government, Transport Minister, Claire Perry added: “£3m has been dedicated to create a digital road map which will enable better sharing of data. The map is being developed by the Ordnance Survey and will include information such as road width, traffic calming measures and height and weight restrictions. It will I believe be open data and therefore available to the various providers of information to mapping companies.”



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