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It’s National Lorry Week!

By: Dave Robbins
28 October 2015

Everything we buy to eat, drink, wear and use has spent time on the back of a lorry.

Homes, places of work, hospitals, shops, restaurants and schools all rely on an efficient cost-effective, transport and logistics network. However, as anyone involved in the industry knows all too well, the general public don’t always appreciate this.

That’s why the Road Haulage Association is launching National Lorry Week (October 26-31st) – an opportunity to “love the lorry”. The aim is to raise the profile of the UK’s haulage industry, both as an essential service provider and as an excellent, and often overlooked, career opportunity.

Along with a House of Commons Reception on 27th October hauliers across the UK are opening their doors and inviting the public to get up close and personal with a lorry, meet operators and drivers, find out more about career opportunities and find out what the industry is doing to reduce its impact on the environment.

You can find out more about ‘National Lorry Week’ events by following this link:

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