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Industry-wide training for tanker drivers

By: Dave Robbins
09 August 2012

Fuel distribution hauliers are moving towards adopting an industry-wide health and safety training standard for tanker drivers. It follows the high profile dispute between employers and drivers earlier this year.

The agreement reached between drivers’ union Unite and fuel hauliers proposes that a body is created to develop and oversee the roll-out and enforcement of a new safety code of practice for the sector. The UK Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (UKDODF) has been reformed to enable interested parties to meet. They will include haulage and energy firms, Skills for Logistics (SfL), the Department for Transport and unions Unite and URTU.

The aim of the forum’s working group is to establish a set of training standards that will be dependent on the nature of drivers’ deliveries. According to Brian Worrall, chairman of UKDODF, the new standards must be well-documented, accredited and enforceable.

Worrall stresses that this does not mean it negates any existing training, but simply that any training must be accredited to meet the new industry standard. 

A subgroup of tanker industry experts will devise the content of any new training. A further subgroup will be in charge of establishing how accreditation and enforcement will be handled. This could include government bodies such as the DfT and Vosa. The subgroups will aim to present their findings by the end of the year.


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